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The LoanMaster™ lending and loan servicing system is specially designed for loan accounting. LoanMaster™ has been in use continuously since 1982. The system was designed and developed by bankers who knew what lenders needed in a loan servicing system.

The LoanMaster system is simple to use and very inexpensive to manage. Software for servicing a portfolio of loans is no longer too expensive for small lenders. Now you can service all your notes, loans, mortgages, and sales contracts at a cost you can afford!

Are you loaning your own money?
Are you financing your product sales with installment loans?
Are you making hard money loans?
Are you making small personal loans?
Are you helping a relative, or a customer servicing a loan portfolio?
Have you realized that Excel is not a suitable loan servicing solution?
Have you given up on QuickBooks for servicing loans?

This loan software is "User Designed". It contains features requested by our users over the years, actual lenders who are actively engaged in servicing loans. These software features are implemented in ways suggested by the users to make loan servicing easier. The LoanMaster™ system is suitable for lenders with as few as a handful of loans to lenders with several thousand loans. It handles the loan types most often serviced by these lenders: Installment loans with monthly, weekly, or other periodic installment schedules as well as single payment loans. Construction loans also fit nicely into the system.

There is a great deal of information here about the LoanMaster ™ system. You can browse through the site and find out most anything you want to know.